Our Goal

Our goal is to keep everything affordable, natural and fun! With over 20 years of experience and travels around the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Our team will blend in anywhere from a traditional Ethnic Wedding to a Casual outdoor event to a high end Corporate venue.

While we specialize in Indian wedding videography, our team of highly skilled wedding videographers are the perfect choice for weddings of all kinds, from high-end, lavish beach weddings, to spectacular snow filled ceremonies. No matter where you plan on having your wedding, we will deliver the best wedding videos possible and will make the most memorable day of your life last forever on film.

Seattle Dream Productions is a well-known Seattle based videography production company that specializes in wedding videography, but we are also well versed and experienced at commercial video production and cinematic film production. Whether you’re looking to create a new television commercial that will send tons of new customers to your business or you want to film the next big Hollywood movie, our top of the line video cameras are unmatched. With a combination of the highest tech equipment and most knowledgeable and experienced videographers, Seattle Dream Productions is the solution to any videography project. Visit our HD Videography page to see our line of high-end video cameras and still cameras.