Our Team of Professionals are always courteous, friendly, hardworking and Dedicated to your needs on time, every time.
We strive to build and maintain positive relationships through our quality of work. We understand the importance of commitment to our clients as this day is very precious to you.

We are highly trained when it comes to videography wedding and Seattle wedding photography. We know there is more to taking wedding pictures and great wedding videos than just point and shoot. We use a full arsenal of high-end and very expensive camera and video recording equipment to capture every precious moment of your special day on film.

At Seattle Dream Productions, we are more than just a group of highly skilled wedding videographers and planners, but we are a family as well. For the past 20 years, our family has been incorporating the important values of love and commitment that a marriage and wedding embodies. We understand better than anyone how important and special your wedding day is to you and your family, so we strive to make every little detail perfect and provide the most loving, happy, and relaxing atmosphere and service for a day that you will not only remember for the rest of your life, but that we’ll also have beautifully captured on film for you to relive again and again.